About Us

The leisure hospitality segment of India is at an interesting cusp of rising professionalism, creating high standards and offering niche personalized ambience to clients. The idea is to offer ‘out of the box’ experiences that set a property apart from others and attain high volume of discerning clientele for a sustained time-period. While a smooth amalgam of all these aspects is the desired end result, it comes with a set of challenges. Owing to varied market dynamics and a lineage of inconsistent standards, the task at hand is demanding.

This is just what we, at Tatva Hospitality, thrive on. It gives us an opportunity to illustrate our ability to adapt to new situations, with our creativity and offer a gamut of services after understating your need from the planning stage to operations. We set ourselves high benchmarks, and then strive to do everything we can in order to exceed them.With a team from diverse and sound backgrounds of management, hospitality, service industry and finance, we work like a well-oiled machine as turnkey consultants for resorts and boutiques.

A combined vision shared by all stakeholders, ensures that innovative ideas perpetuate every aspect of planning so that the properties are established with elevated brand positioning in the market. We share a long-term vision for the success of the properties, mitigating the need for corrective actions and alterations. This, in turn, makes the properties, and us, an epitome of credibility!

Tatva Philosophy

The company’s philosophy originates from the very word ‘Tatva’! When translated from Sanskrit, it means, ‘ fundamental’, ‘reality’, ’truth’ or ‘principle’. Each of these words resonates our beliefs and serve as a beacon to guide our business.

Our core values stand as pillars of foundation for every function of the business. High level of transparency, integrity in all aspects, ethical practices, accountability, discipline, perseverance, value creation, respect, superior talent and embracing change make for a reliable value-system that is deeply ingrained in all our functions.

This group of core values has helped us distill a strong work culture that not only guides each of us difficult decision-making crossroads, but also helps us emanate one voice as a company.

Tatva Vision

Tatva Hospitality’s vision is sketched out with a focused end-result, giving quality time, attention and customizable services to the clients that we undertake within 2020.

Manage and Operate ten boutique leisure properties and resorts.
Co-create a long term, sustainable environment of extensive operations for the properties that we manage.
Lead the way for premium services in hospitality management and consulting services in India.

Our Credo is defined by four words: Inspire, Ideate, Innovate & Implement