Green Consulting

Our environment is rapidly getting damaged. The dire need of the hour is to conserve the natural resources we have for a better tomorrow.

Hospitality industry can play a significant role in environmental conservation as it employs a large workforce and caters to a large number of travellers. Travel is growing year on year in India.

We provide strategic consulting to our clients in the Hospitality industry to adopt best practices for conservation of natural resources and to imbibe sustainable practices, which will have minimal impact in the environment.

Whichever project we are associated with, we ensure our clients adopt green practices on a holistic basis.

We also ensure that while a new project is getting launched we recommend our clients to incorporate the same into the design stage itself to achieve maximum impact on the cost savings in the long run.

Responsible Tourism is at the heart of our Green Consulting. Our initiatives are for the evolved traveller today. A TripAdvisor survey has indicated that majority of guests prefer hotels/resorts which have adopted green practices or ecologically sensitive. Another survey done by has clearly indicated 65% of travellers book Green Hotels. Compare that to last year of only 35%, which clearly shows a paradigm shift in the way people travel.

The Ibnii, Coorg, our flagship eco-luxe resort is the First Resort in India to be Platinum certified by Indian Green Building Council. It is also a LEED certified project. The Ibnii was also shortlisted for Indian Responsible Tourism Awards.

Let us join our hands together for a better, greener Planet.