Management Operations

Tatva Hospitality is committed to provide requisite services to streamline daily operations of a boutique leisure property, thus optimizing profitability and desired volume of evolved clients. This would include establishing pricing structures as per the market and goals of the company, implementing rules and regulations and ensuring that these are well understood and enforced effectively, establish a system for repair, renovation, replacement under the maintenance policy, negotiate with suppliers and contractors, provide health and safety guidelines for a sound risk management system, organize detailed programmes for activities and facilities within the property and finally present recommendations for staggered future capital investments. By permeating through each of these functions, we will be able to manage a larger goal of aligning the below aspects of business.

Streamlining Operations – A smooth assembly line of daily operations results in optimizing manpower, provide superior service and achieve higher accountability.

Higher Volume of Clientele – When the management operations are handled meticulously, the results show in higher occupancy over a sustained period of time.

Diminished Costs & Higher Profitability – Optimized manpower, reduction in wastage and increase in volume of occupancy leads to diminished costs, higher rate of returns and eventually higher profitability. This is the ultimate objective of any leisure property, spa or resort.